Braunschweig: 'Jack The Ripper' recruiting film for Kosatec

Kino Spot for Kosatec

Jack The Ripper painted Braunschweig in red. Max Florian Hoppe alias Jack The Ripper found his victim at the good old St. Michaelis Church and will be shown on big screen soon.

Kino Spot for Kosatec

For Kosatec, a big IT-Distributor in Braunschweig we changed the Echternstrasse including St. Michaelis Church into a crime scene in London of the 19th century.

Thanks to the incredible actors and our tireless crew we had a nice time and shot great pictures which could be watched very soon.


Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis Trenner
John Landis and Mark L Lester were just two of our great guests at the annual Cinestrange Film Festival.

5th Cinestrange Filmfestival

Great guests, perfect weather and movies as far as the eye can reach. John Landis, Mark L. Lester, Martine Beswick and Caroline Munro are just a small selection of the large amount of our guests this year. Thanks to the energic support of our helpers we presented a huge program with which we are very satisfied of.

Legend Of Hell - First time in HD available now in our Marctropolis Shop!

Legend Of Hell - first time in HD

The fantasy horror movie by cult director Olaf Ittenbach first time in HD. Lord Of The Rings meets Braindead, 80 minutes finest gore and splatter.

Available now at Marctropolis-Shop or in stores near you.

More information about Legend Of Hell HD can be found HERE.

Commercial Spot for IT Distributor Kosatec

Recruiting Spot für Kosatec

Let's get ready to rumble! The sacred boxing hall of Tiger Warriors Gym Braunschweig, Germany, were rebuild to a movie set.

Cinema spot for Kosatec

Another spot for IT distributor KOSATEC in Braunschweig, Germany! The Tiger Warriors Gym in Braunschwseig was rebuild to a movie set.

Well-known and new friends had a lot of fun and after a long day of shooting everybody was delighted with the result. Watch the spot in our SHOWROOM.

Marctropolis Trenner

Marctropolis News

News about projects and other disasters, we’ve finished for our customers. Have a look – it’s worth it!

Marctropolis at 67. International Film Festival in Berlin

Berlinale / Genrenale

Marctropolis in Berlin at 67. Berlinale International Film Festival.


A Berlinale without Marctropolis is the same like Christmas without Christmas gifts. Therefore  a small part of our team is on the road in Berlin again.

Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis promoted Sky Sharks and a new mockumentary 'Shadows of History - Hitlers secret weapons'.

66th Berlin International Film Festival

Marctropolis is on the road with new material at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival

Start of Sky Sharks shooting in Oberhausen.

Sky Sharks shooting

While the Weekend of Horrors in Oberhausen (Germany) we started the shooting of our new movie Sky Sharks. Robert Lasardo, Lynn Lowry, Cary Tagawa, La Park Lincoln and the german actors Ralf Richter and  Michaela Schaffrath were part of the cast.

More information on the official website!

Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis feierte auf der Berlinale 2015 die Premiere des SkySharks Teasers!!

Sky Sharks at 65 th Berlinale

The sharks let loose to cause trouble at the International Film Festival Berlin. A small horde of our shark trainers were under the guests to promote the latest teaser of Sky Sharks.

Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis Trenner
Sky Sharks shoot in Braunschweig, Germany.

Film shooting in Braunschweig

It finally happened in Oktober –the airpace over Braunschweig was made unsafe by sharks.

We worked continuous for almost three days and cought with our cameras everything we could. The scene was inside and around the time-honoured building of the IHK-Braunschweig. Everything was provided from drug addicted generals to explosive special effects.

Hollywood like pictures were created in Braunschweig occupied by all our helpers who approached with high motivation and lifeblood. Last but not least the performance of Oliver Kalkofe and Detlef Bothe pushed us all to our limits to shoot state of the art footage.

Marctropolis Trenner

Marctropolis at Berlin International Film Festival / 4th Genrenale

The same procedure as... the Berlin International Film Festival is around the corner. And therefore the air is'nt sticky in German capitol City Berlin, our team delivers some fresh air from Sky Sharks.  Furthermore they showcasting our state of the art Mockumentary "Shadows oOf The History - Hitlers sercret Weapons".

In coorporation with gutepropaganda a new image film for HBPO was created.

HBPO Imagefilm


In coorporation with a new image film for HBPO Lippstadt (Germany) was created.

Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis als Mitveranstalter des 3. Cinestrange in Braunschsweig

3rd Cinestrange FIlmfestival

“Cinestrange” is dedicated to the international film. Alongside entertainment, which is clearly in the focus, special attention is devoted to the genre cinema. . “Cinestrange” has taken on the task each year to uncover another facet in the rich range of genre cinema. Besides big premieres, new discoveries and fancy misfits who seek to provide the right mix of ambition and entertainment, it is one of the essential functions of “Cinestrange” to promote the rediscovery of forgotten genres, to put them in the context of a reassessment with public appeal and make them available to everyone.


Marctropolis Trenner
Messefilm "Innovative Transportation Visual" für die SiemensAG, gedreht an verschiedenen Orten in Paris

Exhibition for Siemens

In Paris a new image film named „Innovative Transportation Visual“ was shot for Siemens AG Germany.

Marctropolis Trenner
Across the River - ab 18. Juli 2014 auf DVD oder Bluray. Foxes als Vorfilm.

Across the river

With the tension ratcheted up to uncomfortable, nail-biting levels right from the very first frame, Lorenzo Bianchini's ACROSS THE RIVER is an atmospheric, supernatural nightmare that is guaranteed to creep out even the most jaded horror fan. When wildlife researcher Marco Contrada is working in a remote woods, his studies lead him to an abandoned village deep in the Italian countryside, where he becomes trapped due to flooding. His presence in the village unleashes a horrifying evil. This ancient curse would like nothing better than Marco's guts lying in a pool of blood at his feet... but only once it s had its terrifying fun. ...Across the River

Since July 18th on DVD and Blu-ray.

Movie website

Marctropolis Trenner
Famous German Actor Harald Dietl read his book 'Von Menschen und Reisen' in an audiobook, available at

Harald Dietl...

Von Reisen und Menschen

The German audiobook adapted to the equally named book.

Available soon.

More information here... (German)

Von Reisen und Menschen

In coorporation between Marctropolis and the famous German actor a new Audiobook will occur  about wondrous events in foreign countries, unbelievable coincedances and many interesting encounters mit many different people and their habbits

Marctropolis Trenner
Documentation about the Soul and one of its biggest legends Mr. James Brown.

Power of Soul

The DVD will be available soon...

Marctropolis Trenner
The 4th Cinestrange Film Festival in Braunschweig was a complete success.

4th Cinestrange Film Festival

Not only our movies delivered lots of fun, suspense and entertainment, also our celebreties like the oscar winning directors Hugh Hudson and John Hough entertained us. Other guests were the well known specialist for forensics Dr. Mark Benecke, the amazing actor Dieter Laser, DJane Micaela Schaefer and the world famous composer Fabio Frizzi who gave a small concert.

New information of Sky Sharks were also part of the programm, where beside actors like Michaela Schaffrath and Detlef Bothe our director and producers told something about the production proces.

Thanks to all helpers and visitors – we look foreward to the 5th Cinestrange Film Festival in September 2016.

Marctropolis Trenner
Recruiting Film / Mitarbeitervideos für HBPO gedreht.

HBPO training film

Some training films for HBPO GmbH were filmed in coorporation with

Link to the website of HBPO

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In occassion of Marctropolis's 10th anniversary we started a new website.

Relaunch of marctropolis website

A relaunch of our website goes online in occassion of the 10th anniversary of Marctropolis.

Beside informations about the dudes of Mactropolis there are also many nice pictures and movies for young and old.

Marctropolis Trenner
New Sky Sharks trailer on Youtube!

New Trailer

Sky Sharks on Youtube

Sky Sharks Trailer on Youtube

It’s about to happen again. The brandnew trailer of Sky Sharks conquers Youtube. The trailer has passed a quarter million views within a few days. Keep your eyes open and continue clicking so we reach half a million!

Watch the trailer here:

For further information about Sky Sharks visit:

Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis Trenner
Marctropolis Trenner
Sky Sharks Trailer auf Youtube Sky Sharks Trailer auf Youtube
Braunschweig: For the Siemens we shot training videos to explain how to create a WSD-System. New groud mastered!


WSD-Training videos

Siemens WSD-Training video

For Siemens we shot a training video in Braunschweig. This shot was absolutely exciting and with our great crew we created some great clips.

For an example take a look at our showroom.

From the savannah of Tanzania directly into your living room. The DVD of our marvelous documentary Sehnsucht Afrika is available now!

Sehnsucht Afrika Release

From the savannah of Tanzania directly into your living room. The DVD of our marvelous documentary Sehnsucht Afrika - Im Land der Gegensätze (Longing Africa - Land Of Contrasts)  is available now at Marctropolis-Shop, Amazon or in stores near you!

More information about Sehnsucht Afrika can be found HERE (german site).

Marctropolis shot an industrial Film for Richard Bretschneider GmbH.

Industry Film for Bretschneider

For Richard Bretschneider GmbH from Braunschweig we shot an industrial film.

I believe I can fly...

Fly with a drone in an industrial hall for packaging material? No Problem!

For the kind people from Bretschneider we flew with the flying device through their warehouse and the production halls-

The result can be found here: Bretschneider Film im Showroom.

Marctropolis Trenner

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Recruiting spot for Kosatec

Another spot for IT Distributor Kosatec in Braunschweig, Germany.

The Tiger Warriors Gym in Braunschweig was rebuild to a movie set.

Coorporate film for Bretschneider

Fly with a drone in an industrial hall for packaging material?

No Problem!

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