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Deep in the remoteness of Alaska, miners blast a trapped organism free from the rock.

The life form, which can form spores, finds its way through the sewers to the nearby small town of Grendossa.

Just one sip of the cool liquid is enough for the fungus to eat its way into its host's brain and turn them into an unthinking "Sporehead."

When a tanker truck crashes and explodes, blasting away with it the bridge and road that lead to town, all connections with the outside world are cut.

Seven people still uninfected, one of whom is local Sheriff Noah Davis, barricade themselves in a diner, facing ever more aggressive attacks by the many Sporeheads.

But these attackers are no strangers. They are their children, parents and friends.

Which one of them is up to killing their own flesh and blood? Is the will to survive stronger than family ties? Or can a group of strangers ensure the safety and survival of everyone?

What started with a tiny spore quickly becomes a gigantic network from which it seems there is no escape.




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Recruiting Spot für Kosatec

Für den  IT-Distributor Kosatec haben wir erneut tief in die Trickkiste und einen Boxring kurzerhand in eine Filmkulisse umfunktioniert.

Industriefilm für Bretschneider

Mit einer Drohne durch eine Halle mit Verpackungsmaterial fliegen?

Kein Problem!



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